Caspian Academy of international education and career development has been working with the education sector and the labor market for more than 12 years and was established in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Our center has representatives in more than 10 countries.


Caspian Academy is a patented and well-known brand providing education and employment services abroad.


Caspian Academy works on and organizes local and foreign educational and social projects; implementation of training programs; retraining and advanced training and the provision of relevant certification on course or project completion.


Caspian Academy offers comprehensive support to all customers who plan to travel abroad for leisure, study or employment. Company services include:


  • Free guidance: we select a program for the customer and create an individual development plan for everyone.
  • Admission: we fill out all the required forms, prepare documents for an application, including helping the customer with the collection of documents, translation, apostilles and declarations. If necessary, we conduct trainings on writing a CV and motivation letter, as well as request recommendation letters.
  • Support: the academy experts submit documents for all possible tuition fee discounts, tuition waivers and scholarships. And, are almost always successful!
  • Visa: the academy experts support the customers to prepare accurate visa package, book suitable accommodation and optimal air tickets, provide insurance services.
  • Departure: in order to facilitate the trip, employees conduct training for the customer before departure, share life hacks and their experience, introduce to customer to the rest of the group.
  • Arrival: representatives of the academy meet the customers at the airport, help them adapt faster, buy a SIM card, open a bank account, conduct an orientation program, and also help with obtaining a residence permit.
  • Relationship: our goal is to make it clear to customer that he or she is already a member of our big family and we will support him/her in any situation as well as will be in touch throughout the whole education/work period.



Employees of Caspian Academy are graduates from TOP foreign universities. And, despite this advantage they are constantly developing and participating in various international events, such as trainings, agent workshops, labor and educational fairs. Employess constantly visit in person foreign partner language schools, colleges and universities, thereby provide correct information in consultation with prospective students and their parents.


Caspian Academy is an accredited member of ICEF and WEBA.




  • summer and winter schools for children and adults
  • language studies for children and adults
  • work and study
  • boarding schools
  • preparation courses for university
  • foundation year
  • bachelor’s degree programs
  • specialized courses
  • master’s degree programs
  • PhD programs
                        Caspian Academy offers recruiting services for companies, network hotels and corporations.


You can save your time and budget in the most essential areas on recruiting along with us. You can choose support services in full or in part, such as advice on candidate resources and budget, searches, managing all correspondence with candidates, assistance in deciding on employment, checking letters of recommendation, visa procedures and interviews.




  • We promote our partners on our websites
  • We promote our partners on social media accounts (facebook; Instagram; Vkontakte)
  • We organize local fairs and workshops
  • We make photo calls to students in order to promote our partners
  • We send e-mails to students on phone to promote our partners
  • We produce and distribute our own brochures, leaflets, and flyers to promote our partners
  • We regularly visit high schools and universities to promote our partners
  • We organize school visits to promote our partners together with their representatives
  • We collaborate with local bloggers
  • We contact with the local authorities regularly to grow and facilitates our business
  • We organize student visits to the campuses of our partners to increase their interest
  • We develop new projects and marketing plans to be offered into services of our partners





www.caspianacademy.net   www.applyitaly.net www.jobturkiye.com



Caspian Academy is always open to new proposals and joint projects. We will be glad to further successful cooperation. We treat each accepted proposal with great responsibility and try to make it as fruitful and long-term as possible.




Mr. Kamran Aliyev

Founder and CEO

E-mail: kamran@caspianacademy.net

Mobile: +90 539 264 27 62; +7 778 059 60 90 (WhatsApp is available)


Mr. Kamran Aliyev is from Baku, Azerbaijan and a public figure who is closely embedded in the social development of youth. He graduated from bachelor’s degree program on Banking and Finance of Eastern Mediterranean University (Northern Cyprus), after master’s degree program on Economics from Kostanay Engineering and Economic University (Kazakhstan) and currently studying at double degree master’s program in Global Management and Politics (Nova School of Business and Economics, Portugal and LUISS University, Italy). He speaks 4 languages fluently: Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian and English. During his career, he managed to work as the coordinator of international offices at the universities of Cyprus and Turkey. Mr. Kamran Aliyev actively participates in trainings and conferences organized by the European Union. Additionally, he is also a HR consultant on hospitality management. Despite the workload, he always finds time to speak personally with the parents of students, and also visits them during their studies.


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